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Reconstructing..."Democracy"- If this is possible, everything is...

This is one of the most amazing reanactment videos, ever made about the templum of Democracy, the Parthenon of Athenian city, in Greece. This is the highest piece of art and the most perfect architectural construction. Parthenon is the proof what humans can do, if the all work together for the same purpose. Today, each of us claim back its glory and artistic wholeness. It is the very essence of world's history, an ideal for which each one should be ready to live or to die for, it is the pathway for a better democratic society. For it, every time someone turns the eyes and the soul towards it, there is something to learn, something to think, and something to believe. Parthenon is the very hope of our culture coming from the past, for a better future!

The video is made by the "Universidade de Santiago de Compostela".
Here you can watch the stunning Parthenon reanactment video, wher it shows the degree of multiple bandalism that the momument went trough, throughout the centuries.

And here you can watch how Melina Mercouri points out the very meaning of the Parthenon Marbles
"The marbles are our pride, they are our identity, they are today's link with Greek excellence; they are creations synonymous with the concepts of DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM.

Here she claims straight forward "her marbles back" from the manager of the British Museum. It is how the Greek passionate tamperament conflicts with the English calm formality-irony.

Melina's dream and the reason for rebirth...

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