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It is now or Never - The danger approaches us!

-Thoughts on the revolutionary article by Farooque Chowdhury-
"It’s Now, Occupy World Wide", by  Farooque Chowdhury is an article that talks on how we can start awakening from the social and political "death" that capitalism put us into, for so long!  It talks about the new struggle for democracy which have started worldwide in the current historical moment. Some of us might realise that change and some not, but whatever the level of our consciousness is, the equilibrium of this momentum will not fulfill itself, unless the people start feeling more secure about their needs, voices and lives, unless they feell included in the modern political practice and application.

The “old clothes do not fit anymore”, a new language needs to be created and the politicians unless they realise it and adopt this attitude and this sort of  language of inclusion and humanity, there will find no hope, no future for themselves. That  challenge derives as well for the for the media industries, and in that case it is more they only real opportunity for them to reform their ideologies not on the ground of political influence and dependence but on the ground of social truth.

This era  brings the hope for exit from the “either/or” dilemmas, the unquestioned answers, the rhetoric questions, and the zero game balances. New relations and a new balance would be established, not only on social or political level but on a personal level; For there is no revolution unless we can crack down the superficial “walls” of prejudim, fanatiticism, racism and  the obsessions of exclusion  and ownership that they have been injected within our veins since our early childhood.  Fluidity, imperfection, differences, or the "out or the known contex" identity could form a new groundless ground, which will be fair and full or potentialities until the moment someone will decide to "secure" it and use it, to  make it profitable and restrain it in a way that will be no more access to the new born social  ideas and forces.
People all over the world, do feel anger nowadays because their very needs, feelings and hopes are not included in the political agendas or in the mathematical equations of this recession. People are not included to what is so called “Democratic Leaderhip” as the words have lost so long ago their very meaning. And they story is not very different in Europe or in the USA or in the Eastern World,  as the worldwide balances are determined by the same criteria or goals, financial and political power, influence and controlling the others. It is the “game of power” that reminds the "master-slave" dialectic of Hegelian philosophy. [Hopefully, before the “slave” becomes “master”, a new democratic balance will distribute again the goods or the power, neither to the one, nor to a few, but to everyone!

Nowadays,  none of us can turn the head away from people’s aspiration and indignation; the 1st duty is to find our inner voice, the 2nd to listen to the voices of the others and the 3rd,  check weather  those who are selected, through elections to represent our voices, are really listening to them, by including us in their decisions.  And if this is not the case, then we all have to do some something (all that we possibly can) about it!

Nowadays, the only certainty is that the non-responsive minds and consciousnesses, citizanes and politicians, media industries and reporters will be the “red flags” for the social revolution that emerges worldwide. A good listening ear, the voice of truth, an honest request for forgiveness and a promise for devotion in changing the current situation, maybe...maybe... can be the first step away from the danger that approaches us. It is now or never!!!

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