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One Century History in 10min & a Suspicion for [Meta]morphosis

As we ‘ve just closed "the book" of another year, a quick look back at the last 100 years of history — conveniently compacted into 10 minutes it is the way to realize that for the last century there has been so much violence, death and disaster on this planet! Really, it is a sobering reminder of how far we’ve come as it is realistic to conclude that human beings are being fighting against human beings, more violently than any other creature! For what?  Is it because of their selfishness and vanity? Is really history a bifurcation of symptomatic events or is it a consequence of connected incidents and decisions,  even when they do not look as such? When someone watches this video, it feels that the only certainty of this world is the uncertainty of the next day based exclusively on the oblivion of present and past? Is it time for us to change everything that we can change, accept everything that doesn't change and start creating a consensual, collective wisdom which will lead us,  closer to the truth of of the majority of the people, by deconstructing the myths of the past and present and reconstructing the future?

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