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Paul Wenham Clarke "When Lives Collide"

Incident or accident? “There is no science of the accident,” warned Aristotle two thousand years ago. However today we think otherwise, wrapped in a blanket of Health and Safety and risk assessment. We seem to believe that virtually all risk can be removed through the logical application of science. Our world is full of devises and systems patiently waiting to protect us, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, airbags, safety belts, and life jackets. Should we be involved in an accident we still have nothing to fear, as all our systems of insurance, healthcare and law will kick into action. Our belief in these systems is so strong that it gives us great sense of confidence and reassurance, that everything will be fine. Never the less the accidents keep on coming. Probably due to our modern attitude we have started to wonder whether these unplanned events are actually accidents after all. We may often ask, “Could something have been done?”  Paul Wenham-Clarke has been a photographer for 23 years and he has got a great variety of subjects from still life environmental portraits to museums and documentary photography. This interview is based on his latest exhibition which is called “When Life Collide” which was toured in UK and in Greece (Crete) and it is a great approach of how road accidents affect not only involved in them, but also the families of those people. The work was considered highly controversial and created wide media interest. Paul, in his interview in Channel 4U explains what photography means for him and which messages he is trying to convey to the world through his art.
Watch the video reportage here: 

All the pictures belong to Paul Wenham Clarke.

[Paul thank you very much for sharing with me your passion for photography and your unique-alternative perspective to represent reality, with no fear or restraints]. 

Website of the artist: http://www.wenhamclarke.com/

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