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Why & How we ought to Re-Invent Democracy through SDD

In our 21st century [r]evolution of the so-called “Information Age” toward global virtual reality millions of citizens who are resident of places located physically all over the planet are forming mutual interest groups that bypass traditional style of social interaction, substituting an electronically wired but spiritually disconnected e-culture that is marked by superficiality, atomized and splintered. The Institute for the 21st Century Agoras is inviting every citizen and lover of democracy for a participatory "[re]discovery of democracy" training event held on Structured Democratic Dialogue, held on the island of Crete, in May 2013.

Register now for this training opportunity here: http://sddtraining2013.wikispaces.com/Registration

Book your accommodation in the traditional Cretan village of Arolithos here: http://sddtraining2013.wikispaces.com/Training+Location+%26+Lodging

Read about relevant resources here: http://sddtraining2013.wikispaces.com/Resources

Visit previous published work on Structured Democratic Dialogue here: http://dialogicdesignscience.wikispaces.com

In this wired “global village” haven’t we all spent hours and hours trying to discover the best possible solutions for wicked questions, often with no any obvious answers? Haven’t we all been thinking over and over , what does democracy really mean, whether freedom of expression is applicable, or whether our politicians, act according to an ethical vision or just for their private interests? Haven’t we all felt, at certain occasions, deceived by those who are in power or distracted by media owners and current propaganda techniques? Haven’t we felt concerned or scared to raise our voices against what is being decided for us, without us?

Is our “democratic consciousness” defined, expressed or satisfied simply, by voting every four years? Where are we standing at, as citizens if we have succeeded so far in producing intelligent means of communication, but we haven’t developed the ability to discover who we really are and where we really want to go, not only as citizens-individuals but as political beings of the same societies, habitants of the same earth?

The 21st Century is the transformation time for the [re]defining and practicing of Democracy. What is needed in the years ahead? Ultimely we hope to improve our patterns of thinking, our language, invest on values, creativity and courage and take seriously our role as citizens in liberating our voices and our visions for our common future. Where will strong civic understanding be forged in this new world? How will voices come together to envision new realities? These are questions that should encourage us to investigate new models of collective thinking and acting. Structured Democratic Dialogue represents exactly this new model of scientific thinking, language and liberation.

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