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Dialogue Beyond Borders Documentary by Futu[R]Evolution Productions

"Nothing can be considered as TRUTH or REALITY unless it includes the authentic People's Voices;  Dialogue is the only way that a desirable future can be designed and implemented.

No issue has been more contentious and more misunderstood than the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Hatred, fear, religion, politics, propaganda, media misinformation, and decades of cyclical violence have made understanding the roots of this conflict seemingly impossible. Also the international media giants’ stereotypes propagate perpetually. The moment someone steps foot on the sandy and full of pain ground of the Middle East, he/she feels that the borders do not simply split apart the land, but also the hearts and the minds of the people, while words are the masks of preconceived narratives and stereotypes. 

You can watch the entire documentary here:

This documentary explores the voices of people in Israel, Palestine and Cyprus, living with CONFLICT, BORDERS, STEREOTYPES and HOPING for SYMBIOSIS through DIALOGUE. A new journalistic paradigm has been implemented in this project, where any socio-political analysis or interpretation is deliberately avoided. The principal perspective was revealing the predicament of oppressed human beings across borders that desire to Act Beyond Borders but their emancipation is contingent on their capacity to “Dialogue Beyond Borders”.

The foundation of this work is part of Human Rights and Reconciliation – Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders project number EIDHR/2009/167-502, implemented by Future Worlds Center in Cyprus, the IThe Association for Progressive Education in Honor of Meir Yaari in Israel the Palestinian Dialogue Center and the Institute for 21st Century Agoras in Greece, from January 2010 until December 2013 and is co-funded by the European Commission, European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR). The screening locations and interviews were conducted in Tel Aviv, Ramallah and in Nicosia, which remains the only European city divided by the Green Line; for that reason it was selected as the ideal “laboratory” where people from Israel and Palestine could share and challenge their pre-existing memories, feelings, narratives, stereotypes, physical and cognitive borders.

This film espouses that in peace building and conflict resolution processes, the biggest challenge remains not to reconstruct the conflict by talking about it, but to transcend the mental models of the entrapped minds. People, who had never met each other before, interacted and constructed a new common vision for a symbiotic coexistence, through a series of Structured Democratic Dialogue Collaboratories, Civil Society Training Workshops and Multi-Communal Discussions. New data, new questions, new answers, and new consensual designs were conceptualized and visualized while stakeholders were enabled to convert to desirable symbiotic futures through which social transformation and hope are probable and possible. 

Democratic [R]evolution

Lost voices in History's abrupt [Re]TURNS
in faceless bloody walls and fences with tears,
where sharp swords split the ground apart without noise,
and the souls are painfully cut by bleeding wounds without blood...

Borders of shadowed oppressors
without bridges to cross
without an inch of land to plant a HOPE or a flower!
Unsaid, painful memories of an expelled past,
meaningless certainties of those who have died
while they were still engraving the pathway for the NEWBORNS to come.

-Is there any way to LIBERATE us from the present?
-How can we will the FUTURE that we ought to live?
A child without a face is still hoping for the white pigeon and the olive branch
when the snake's womb is still hiding INVISIBLE chains, without a lock.

A sting of an old byte, sneaky and fatal runs within our own veins.
-How can we TRANSCEND it?
-How can we cure it for good?
-How can we escape LABELS, NAMES and NARRATIVES
when the world is perpetually entrapped by them?

Beyond walls, beyond BORDERS there is groundless ground
for a new [R]EVOLUTION to emerge,
by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE
as the pathway for an ideal COMMON future.

Here, in the Middle East of our PREDICAMENT,
where stones have become heroes and heroes stones
[DI]VISION still conceals
the real hopes and necessities
and VOICES create the NEW language of TRUTH.

-Barrier ahead.
-Slow down!
-The POWER OF PEOPLE sees no barriers!
-Let us overcome them!

Tel Aviv & Ramallah 30.01.14

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