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With Reason & Vision

And YES, we choose to remain the Visionaries of the “Ought to be”
now that society invents its infinite masks of “Can be”.
Our authentic Opinions and Ideas create
our conscious [R]evolutionary pathways ahead
for Ideal Futures to be attained
by those whose life world is painfully affected
and their choices are perpetually neglected.

Vacuous words, with or without signatures have betrayed us,
For the Individual’s distinct Knowledge and Experience
for the Suppressed and Repressed Human Voice
for the Unheard and Ignored subjective perception
for the construction of Sustainable Realities,
for the protection and Preservation of our Planet,
for the emancipation with Peace and Justice
for all these reasons I am speaking...

And I am looking for a world by us, with us, for us
where Democracy will BE Democracy and Freedom…Freedom,
where no matter the Differences and Dissonances
collaboration and participation with Reason & Vision
will transcend any predictions of the current situation
for a new value base that empowers flexibility of thought and structure
and flows as crystal clear water in the river of Heraclitus.

And YES, I reject Science and every “Science”
when they fail to include Variety and Authenticity of an Individual or a Culture,
when they restrain possibilities yet to be born,
within theories, hypotheses, observations, generalizations...
And I reject anyone who is self-defined as “specialist”, “savior” or “expert”
who proposes generic “solutions” instead of co-designing customized [re]solutions.

In the desert of [meta]modern “markets”
I discovered the real meaning of Agora
where the Anthropolis of all Beings is being designed
not only with roots but also with wings,
not only with facts but also with dreams
by the new Citizen who espouses inquiry and doubt
as the Groundless Ground for Dialogue and Collective Wisdom.

This poem is included as an "abstract" review at the back cover of the forthcoming publication  "With Reason & Vision" by "Ongoing Emergence Press". The cover was designed by George Kakoulakis. 

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