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RSD5 Talk for Demoscopio Culture in Toronto Canada

Demoscopio, is a vision that comes true in the city of Heraklion, on the island of Crete, created to engage stakeholders from all walks of life in open and focused dialogues relevant to the definition and resolution of complex of social issues as well as in envisioning alternative futures. Demoscopio offers to citizens, researchers, entrepreneurs, scientists, educational institutions, collective bodies, opportunities to collaborate effectively and consensually in designing innovative [re]solutions to a variety of contemporary challenges.  Demoscopio employs the methodology of Structured Dialogic Design (developed by Dr Alexander N. Christakis, which has a history of applications of more than 40 years, all around the world) and it aims at listening to citizens and entrepreneurs, whose voices are never heard on issues that concern them, so that they will be able to converse on equal terms with other actors in society, and share opinions, proposals and visions. It is a facility that provides support to volunteer groups, educational and research institutions wishing to co-design good practices and innovations, as well as visual exhibits of ideas and social designs.  Demoscopio encourages and develops a culture of social dialogue, cooperation, innovation, and entrepreneurship, particularly among young people; this is the reason for the creation of the Demoscopio, to act as a node in a social network for generating ideas, for co-creation, and entrepreneurship. Demoscopio provides three main types of services:1)  the application of Structured Democratic Dialogue (SDD) for the design and promotion of social and business cooperation, consensus and networking with the wide involvement and participation of all perspectives. 2) Business interconnection services, which include the participation of young people in innovation competitions, entrepreneurship and mentoring workshops, and  3) Business acceleration consulting and support services. In the evolution of the Science of Dialogic Design, Demoscopio represents the scaling up because it provides the space, the place and the methodological mix for  innovation, dissemination and communication of new ideas, for a more democratic, inclusive and effective society, that bridges all scientific disciplines and experiential voices.

Watch a short video about Demoscopio of Heraklion idea: DwD Toronto Presentation for Demoscopio
Watch the entire talk here: RSD5 Demoscopio Culture Toronto
You can also visit: RSD5 SYMPOSIUM TALKS - Systemic Design Net

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